1. History

    From professional to professional

    More than twenty years Solgi has dedicated to the world of sweets, flavors, textures, aromas ... Since then, Solgi has specialized in the preparation of semi-finished products for the sweet sector. Sugar, egg, chocolate, cherries ... each component has been wisely worked to give way to a "handmade" product made with the same mime, and with the same raw materials that are used in the pastry shop.

    On the other hand and from the first day we have worked with a single purpose, that of facilitating the work to our customers, since we offer high quality products already prepared for their use. To obtain these excellent products Solgi has the know-how of its expert pastry chefs, with a natural raw material "first" and with the latest technology.

    With all this, we have succeeded in being the trustworthy company of the most qualified craftsmen ... And in Solgi we have relied on a perfect tandem: respect for craftsmanship and admiration for innovation.

  2. Investigation and development


    Solgi, during 2002 to develop the range of gelatines, both cold and hot.

    In 2004 new market prospects were studied and we began to manufacture the small packaging line "horeca", with very good acceptance in the hotel market.

    During 2005 we expanded our facilities and the products we manufacture, since we bought two production plants, one of candied fruit and another of angel hair, sweet potatoes and squash with sugar.

    In 2006, a great investment was made in the process of automating the crocant line, thus improving its quality and productivity.

    They are a few years of changes and adaptation to the needs of the market, a market in which SOLGI increasingly achieves better positioning, despite the economic crisis of the moment.

    Our goal is always to work with high quality raw materials, with the best technology combined with the experience of the master craftsmen of the company, to achieve an excellent final product.

  3. 2017

    New Horizons

    In this year, 100% of the company's shareholding becomes one of the founding partners, Mr. Juan José Gimeno, a pastry chef and with a lifetime dedicated to pastry.

    Its objectives are to continue being a company with great recognition at national and international level and to extend the range of products manufactured by the company, with the quality and the flavors that characterize us.


How good is good

Quality comes first

Each of our produced is made from carefully selected materials and a product for "ideal" to ensure a texture, color, flavor and excellent aroma. From selection of raw materials to packaging follows a rigorous quality control allows us to offer excellent and outstanding product quality and according to the regulations set by health authorities and agencies. Our R and D ahead of market trends to offer new products that enable our customers to provide innovative and tasty proposals.

I + D + I The ingredient of success

From professional to professional

Solgi has opted for quality to position itself and mark a leading and referent road, generating a differential value that guarantees the permanence of its products and being able to expand its market to potential clients whose objective is to offer a quality and safe product.
That is why Solgi produces traditional products, with the awarding of craftsmanship and has been building an innovative structure, which has as a mark of identity the quality of its products.
Currently, the company has implemented an ISO 22000 management system, which identifies and controls all potential and relevant safety hazards at each step of the food chain, reducing them to a minimum to facilitate the production of safe products. Of improving communication between stakeholders. In our facilities, we have a laboratory for the quality control of raw materials and products manufactured, so that the sale of products is guaranteed in accordance with the organoleptic, fisocheochemical and microbiological requirements established by the company.
Research and development are an obligation. Innovation, a challenge. And only perseverance and creativity distinguishes leaders.

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From professional to professional


Food Safety System 
Certification 22000 (FSSC 22000)

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