Puffed rice with cocoa


Our tasty puffed rice is made from a careful selection of steamed and dehydrated rice coated with cocoa powder.
Ideal for all kinds of crunchy products, it mixes perfectly with chocolates, fat-based creams, low humidity pastries (Brisas, mantecados, etc.).

Gives a constant crunch.


As it is a product made with the same raw materials as those used in traditional bakeries and with the advantage that the product is ready to use, you are spared the upheavals of the production process, the dangers of contamination, etc.

Rest assured that you are working with a product that complies with all quality standards.



Recommendations for use

Although our rice is perfectly packaged in a protective atmosphere to avoid rancidity and moisture absorption, at Solgi we recommend that you keep the product in a cool and dry place.


10 kg box (1 kg bags);

3.5 kg pail;

10 kg box (5 kg bags);

6 kg box (1 kg pails).

400 kg container

Nutritional information

(Based on 100 gr.)

Energy354 Kcal
Greases0 g

Sat Fats0 g
Proteins0 g
Salt0 g