Hazelnut Praline


The hazelnut Solgi paste is made with selected hazelnuts, with well roasted, ground and refined to the point of being imperceptible grain for any palate. The hazelnut paste is a product suitable for all types or blends of chocolates. It is used in cakes and candy filled cookies, and for the preparation of paste with a touch of hazelnut, ice cream, frozen cakes and so on. For the intensity of their toasting, it has an intense and characteristic flavour. For texture and subtle blend perfectly perceptible, even in the finests toppings.


Being a product produced under the strictest sanitary requirements and with the same raw materials as those used in bakeries and pastry with the advantage that the product is ready for use, we avoid the disorder of the production process, the dangers of pollution and so on. Please complete assurance of working with a product that meets all quality standards. Store in a cool, dry place.



Recommendations for use

Under optimal conditions has a long duration. Although not strictly necessary and in accordance with Good Handling Practices, we recommend that, once opened, keep it tightly closed and refrigerated until final consumption.


Cube of 6.5 kg Pack of 6 (cubes of 1.9 kg)

Nutritional information

(Based on 100 gr.)

Energy 503 kcal
Greases 25 g
Sat Fats 1.6 g
Proteins 6 g
Sugars 61 g
Salt 0.005 g