Crispy chocolate Almond or Peanut


Our tasty crunchy chocolate,  is made from a careful selection of toasted almond or peanut, chocolate-coated. It is mainly used to decorate cakes and ice cream products.


Being a product made from the same raw materials as those used in traditional pastry bakeries and with the advantage that the product is ready for use, we avoid the disruption of production, the dangers of pollution and so on. Be safe in working with a product that meets all quality standards.



Recommendations for use

Although our crocant is perfectly packaged in a protective atmosphere to prevent rancidity and moisture absorption in Solgi we recommend keeping the product cool and dry.


6 kg/box ( jars of 1 kg)

Nutritional information

(Based on 100 gr.)

Energy492 kcal
Greases24,1 g
Sat Fats9,97 g
Proteins9,4 g
Sugars49,2 g
Salt0.04 g