Marzipan for Piping


Our excellent marzipan is made from careful selected almonds (marcona type) and sugar. In the processing and packaging process we control all details to guarantee a high quality marzipan, of course, to comply with the best quality and hygiene.


Our marzipan is ready for subsequent handling, to save the drawbacks of the typical processes for preparing the marzipan. There are, therefore, no special conditions of employement, but the simple needs of each consumer`s use. It is important to be careful after removal of the quantity used, seal the container and leave in the refrigerator.



Recommendations for use

For its physical and chemical characteristics, this marzipan has to be bake. Developed to be applied by using piping bag and to make all kinds of original decorations


Cube of 6,2 kg

Nutritional information

(Based on 100 gr.)

Energy 416 kcal
Greases19 g
Sat Fats1.53 g
Proteins11 g
Sugars 43.98 g
Salt0.014 g