Candy sugar


Our cady sugar is made from selected sugar. Mainly used in the decoration of pastry and bakery products. Being a candy produced by heating of sucrose without additives, it can be used to flavor and color to food.


Being a product made from the same raw materials as those used in the workshops of confectionery and with the advantage of avoiding the disorders of the manufacturing process, the dangers of pollution and so on. Be safe in working with a product that meets all quality standards.


Recommendations for use

The product is packed in polypropylene, foil lidding cubes and closed with a lid. To prevent rancidity and the appearance of moisture, in Solgi we recommend to keep the product in a cool, dry place.


Cube 7 kg

Nutritional information

(Based on 100 gr.)

Energy160 kcal
Greases 0 g
Sat Fats0 g
Proteins0 g
Sugars 40 g
Salt0 g