Caramel Gel


The caramel gel is made from glucose and sugar with a caramel aroma to achieve a product with an intense caramel flavor, which can be applied hot or cold.


Being a product produced under the strictest sanitary requirements and with the same raw materials as those used in traditional pastry bakeries and with the advantage that the product is ready for use, we avoid disruption of production process, the dangers of pollution and so on. Be safe in working with a product that meets all quality standards. Store it in a cold and dry place.


Recommendations for use

Application in cold: it is applied directly on fresh or frozen fruit or any surface. You can do it with brush or spray. The baker shine gel is ideal for all types of toppings, brightness, mix colours and pastry decoration in general. It is versatile both used pure or diluted with water.


Cube 6,5 kg Cube.

Nutritional information

(Based on 100 gr.)

Energy292 Kcal
Greases<1,0 g

Sat Fats<0,02 g
Proteins<1,0 g
Sugars39,7 g
Fiber2,3 g

Salt0,05 g