Sprinkle Yolk-Topping


The Sprinkle Yolk-Topping is a new product developed by Solgi for any industry that requires a fast and handy aplication using a spray, the traditional inmersion or curtain. It is a suitable product for freezing made from whole egg, sugar, glucose syrup, glicerine, water, modified starch and carragenates. It is easily apply-able when warmed and solidifies when it cools quickly on the product.


Being a product made from the same raw materials as those used in traditional pastry bakeries and with the advantage that the product is ready for use, we avoid disruption of breaking eggs, candied process, the dangers of pollution and so on. Be safe in working with a product that meets all quality standards.



Recommendations for use

Once opened, remove from it the quantity to be consumed in the manufacturing process. The rest of the product should be covered with wax paper for better preservation. We recommend using good hygiene and handling practices mandatory for all foods in general. NO REFRIGERATION NEEDED, although it is recommended to store in a cool, dry place.


Thermosealed plastic cube of 13 kg.

Nutritional information

(Based on 100 gr.)

Energy245 kcal
Greases1.6 g
Sat Fats0.43 g
Proteins1.7 g
Sugars46 g
Salt0.05 g